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Fashion Overdose
your sweetest drug

♥ Fashion-Overdose


Eldora Gabriella


♥6:57 PM

♥ Fashion-Overdose

I've sent in all the orders and they're being processed now. (:

Sprees of pretty dresses and tops up!
This will be quite a huge collection, so you girls can take your time and choose what you like! (:

Capping at 10 orders in total for all the apparels. Items will arrive about 1 week after I submit the orders. I'll inform you once they're arriving, so don't rush me alright! (:

Please read the information provided at the top of each entry of the sprees!

For easier viewing, I have categorized these dresses and tops into different sprees, so do remember to state which spree you're ordering from and the code number when sending in orders.

Please take note that shipping costs are not included. There'll be a second payment of shipping fees after items arrive. It will be estimated to be around $2.50-$3 for EACH PIECE OF ITEM.

Please take note that once you join the sprees, you are deemed to have read and agreed to my terms and conditions stated.

HY Spree: Dresses Tops

JK Spree: Dresses Tops

Korea Fashion Spree: Dresses Tops

Pink Spree: Dresses Tops

YY Spree: Dresses

If you're using my pictures, please credit and don't remove my url, thanks. (:
I supply too, mail me for more details.

UPDATE: 1st batch arrived. 2nd batch of orders sent in.


♥1:40 AM

Some gentle reminders for you spree-ers. (:


Contact Lenses Preorder:
Successfully ended.

Bags Preorder: Successfully ended.

HK Style Elmo Tee Preorder: Arrived.

Tunic & Cardi Preorders: Successfully ended.

Dress Preorder: Successfully ended.

HK Preorder: Successfully ended.

I will inform you once the items are arriving or have arrived, so please do not keep mailing and smsing me asking when your items will arrive! Mails and sms-es regarding that WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.

Eldora Gabriella


♥1:39 AM

FAQs for preorders

1. When will my items arrive?
Ans: Most of the time I would have stated the estimated timing on the various preorder posts. Please understand that I can't give you an exact date as it'll depend on when I cap my orders and how long the supplier takes to collect the stocks. Some stocks are being shipped from overseas so they may take a longer time to arrive.

2. When are you closing the preorder?
Ans: When I've capped at a certain number (stated in the various posts).

3. Do you have more pictures?
Ans: I'm sorry to say that I have already provided all the pictures I have. However, I can still give you a rough idea of how the various colours look like. Mail me! (:

4. Any measurements?
Ans: I have provided all the measurements. If you don't see them then they'll be free size. :D

5. What is OOS?

Ans: It means out of stock.

6. Where do you do meetups at?
Ans: Hougang. Sengkang on Sundays. Town/Dhoby Ghaut/Cityhall/Bugis is possible only if I'm going there.

7. Are the handling and shipping fees included in the prices?
Ans: Yes, they're included unless stated. Only postage fees (if you opt for postage) are not included.

8. I don't have a bank account! Can I pay you through meetup or concealed cash?
Ans: Yes, but meetup for payment is only at Hougang. Concealed cash is solely at your own risk. Make sure the cash cannot be seen when envelope is put under light.

9. Any discounts if I get two or more items?
Ans: I'm sorry but prices for preorder items are fixed no matter how many pieces you get, unless stated.

10. Can I pay you when we meetup after the items arrive?
Ans: Nope, payment has to be made before I submit the orders.

Hope I've clarified your questions, do mail me if there're any other enquiries!


♥1:39 AM

Fashion Overdose is featured on MyZaak!

A huge thank you to Darcy from the MyZaak team who offered to write a review for Fashion Overdose (:

PS: I love the title, Darcy.


♥1:39 AM

Welcome to fashion-overdose.bs.com!

Navigations are on the right, and please read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing/placing an order!

Sorry to say that preorder items are not available for swaps, and prices for preorders are also not negotiable.

Any enquiries or ordering, please direct them to eldoragabriella@gmail.com, or add me on msn! Contact's available on the right. Happy shopping! :D


♥1:38 AM